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I love this miracle capsule!!! I can focus, less food cravings, no depression, happy and energized. I can read, pray and meditate with more concentration. I love how I feel about my self. - Guadalupe M, Hamilton City CA

Thank you! I think it is terrific. I feel a huge reduction in alcohol cravings, although I still drink, I drink much less and can take it or leave it now. Before, I used to have huge cravings. I sleep better too. - Maureen D, Harrow, Ontario

I am 28 years old currently living with my parents and separated from my ex-husband and our 8 year old son. I have a long history of drug addiction, particularly heroin and Oxycontin. My addiction to pain meds started when I was prescribed Oxycontin due to pain related to chronic endometriosis. Ironically, my father is a physician specializing in pain management and was involved in my initial prescriptions for pain and anxiety meds.

Over time my pain not only increased while on pain meds, but I began to have strong cravings for the meds, and used more and more over time, to the point I began to get prescriptions from different docs, especially from ERs. Then I discovered heroin, which was much cheaper and easier to get. In desperation and at the urging of my husband and father, I went into several treatment programs, including methadone and Suboxone, but quickly relapsed.

I was unable to work, with my life focused on drugs. I became easily agitated with angry outbursts. My conflicts with my husband and son were so bad that my husband filed for divorce, PFA, and full custody of our son. With no place to go or any money, I went to live with my parents. They set up treatment with several local rehab programs, but again nothing helped. Four months ago, my father learned about Add-Eeze and asked me to try it. After about two weeks on Add-Eeze, I found that my cravings were reduced, and I stopped using heroin, though I kept abusing Oxycontin. This was the first time in years I felt any hope, and any real control over my drug use.

 My father suggested I try a methadone program again. Everything was different this time. I was able to wean off Oxycontin altogether, and have been free of both heroin and Oxycontin for nearly three months! For the first time, using Add-Eeze daily, I have been able to strictly adhere to the methadone maintenance program. I have never felt this good in my life! I am essentially pain-free for the first time in a decade and have no cravings. Since I have tried methadone several times in the past, it is clear that Add-Eeze has been the key to my treatment success. I had forgotten what pleasure and enjoyment felt like. I am now motivated, for the first time in years, to take care of myself and my son, and to live a productive life. I am working and in the process of reconciling with my son. I highly recommend Add-Eeze to anyone struggling with addictions. - Sandy H., Philadelphia, PA


I could hardly believe how good your product is. In only about 2 days I could tell the difference in how good I felt. I was calmer and just had a good feeling. I also sleep much better now.  This is a miracle product. Thank u thank u. - Margaret H, Vancouver, WA


I would hate to go without it…especially how it has improved my memory. It has also help my sugar cravings! - Catherine H, Spring TX 


I purchased at the recommendation of my adult son who had taken formula for a month or so. I felt my alcohol and marijuana consumption had become excessive. I also ate sugar to excess. I also felt that I was becoming increasingly hopeless. I felt every ache and pain and associated them with the worse. Initially after starting I did not feel I was getting any response. I spoke to my son about his experience and he recommendation that I increase my dose, which I did up to my current levels. After increasing my daily dose, I started to notice several things; 1. I have stopped using alcohol and marijuana completely. 2. I have stopped all sugar(candy) consumption. 3. I have reduced and feel I will ultimately stop using coffee and caffeine. 4. I am comfortably losing excess weight I have accumulated over 20 years. 5. I feel that my overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and illness are disappearing. I am feeling calmer and happier each new day. 6. I have an inherent feeling of wanting to eat right and perform daily exercise. 7. Overall, I am better! - Tim B, Akron, OH


Two very significant changes have occurred: I am noticeably less angry and irritable, and my alcohol usage/cravings have Decreased significantly. - Maureen D, Windsor, Ontario


I was a little skeptical at first. I had taken St Johns Worth, 5 HTP, and a prescribed medicine from my doctor. I did not notice any changes with any of them, actually the medicine I got from the doctor made me feel worse. Once I started taking Add-Eeze, I think after a week I promise I noticed a difference in my mood, the way a felt just my over all well being. I also notice that I snacked less in the evenings. I love this stuff will continue to take it. - Shirley D, Lees Summit, MO