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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What are addictions? 

An addiction is a strong and harmful need to regularly consume a substance (such as alcohol, drug or food) or do something (such as gamble or engage in sexual activity or other compulsion).


What are cravings?

A craving is an intense, urgent, or abnormal desire or longing.


Can AddEeze® reduce cravings?

Yes. AddEeze® can help reduce the emotional and physical distress often associated with addictions, cravings, and compulsions.


Can AddEeze® eliminate addictions?

No. While AddEeze® can help reduce the emotional and physical distress often associated with addictions, cravings, and compulsions, ultimately the individual needs to make the choice to discontinue the behavior. Once this decision takes place, many people find that daily use of AddEeze® provides the critical support needed to help them let go of their addictions and compulsions.


How does emotional and physical distress contribute to cravings and addictions?

Groundbreaking scientific research has revealed that imbalances in the stress and reward systems of the brain play a critical role in the development of addictions and compulsions. As a result, healthy adaptive responses to life’s stressors are impaired, leading to emotional and physical distress. Unfortunately, in a desperate attempt to feel better, people often turn to addictive substances and compulsive behaviors.

Is AddEeze® patented? 

Yes.  Here is the link: AddEeze Cravings and Addiction Patent


Have any scientific journals published peer-reviewed articles regarding AddEeze® science?

Yes.  Here are the links to two scientific journal articles:

Emotional and Physical Distress Relief Using a Novel Endorphinergic Formulation, Crain, Crain & Crain, Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science, Volume 3, No. 6 (2013)

Endorphinergic Attenuation of Distress by Concomitantly Enhancing Endogenous Opioid Release and Switching Opioid Receptor Signaling from an Excessively Excitatory to a Normal Inhibitory Mode, Crain & Crain, Journal of Behavioral and Brain Science Vol. 3 No. 7 (2013)

What imbalances in the brain trigger cravings and addictions?

Endorphins and dopamine are chemicals that are naturally produced in the brain that can help reduce emotional and physical distress as well as enhance a sense of calm and well being. Three decades of scientific research by many investigators, including the neuroscientists who developed and patented AddEeze®, has determined that imbalances in these stress and reward systems are responsible for emotional and physical distress as well as drug and alcohol tolerance and dependence.

When endorphins and dopamine are out of balance, we become anxious, irritable, and uncomfortable, feeling compelled to seek drugs, alcohol, and food, as well as other compulsive behaviors in a desperate attempt to feel some relief. Unfortunately, these addictions and compulsions backfire, often increasing these imbalances, producing even greater emotional and physical distress. (Crain & Crain, 2013)

How does AddEeze® reduce emotional and physical distress?

This cutting-edge science of addiction led directly to the development of the AddEeze® formulation. By restoring healthy balance to the endorphin and dopamine systems in the brain, AddEeze® naturally relieves the emotional and physical distress that can lead to addictions and cravings. AddEeze® enhances levels of endorphins and dopamine while simultaneously restoring healthy balanced function. In this way, AddEeze® facilitates the brain’s natural stress and reward signals that enhance a sense of calm, well being, and pleasure as well as reduce cravings, addictions, and compulsions. Restoring balance to your brain restores control over your life (Crain, Crain, & Crain, 2013).

Can AddEeze® be used to reduce anxiety?

Definitely! Even if a person does not have addictions, cravings, or compulsions, Add-Eeze® restores healthy natural balance to the brain’s stress and reward systems, thereby enhancing our ability to adaptively handle stressful life circumstances. As a result, we can remain relatively calm and peaceful, even when dealing with difficult situations, rather than become emotionally and physically distressed. Add-Eeze® helps you more comfortably ride over life’s “bumps” in your path, much like a shock absorber in a car. Many people take Add-Eeze® daily to help them reduce anxiety and handle life’s stressors more effectively, maintaining a sense of well being regardless of the circumstances.


What about anger and irritability?

By restoring balance to the brain’s stress and reward systems, AddEeze® reduces the primitive survival-based “fight-flight” response that often produces excessive anger (fight) or fear (flight). As a result, we respond to challenges more thoughtfully rather than reacting impulsively and emotionally. Scientists describe this healthy functioning of the brain’s processing of stress as “top-down regulation,” referring to greater reliance on our cerebral cortex rather than the primitive emotional survival-based limbic system. 


Does AddEeze® enhance mental energy, concentration, and attention?

Yes! With higher levels of endorphins and dopamine, we are generally more focused. Add-Eeze® typically produces a greater ability to concentrate without distractions from our internal distress as well as irrelevant aspects of the world around us. Add-Eeze® also naturally enhances a sense of sustained physical and mental energy. Many people take Add-Eeze® daily to provide the energy, drive, and focus necessary to accomplish the tasks required of their busy lives. 


Can AddEeze® be used to reduce the need to take prescription and “street” drugs for pain and anxiety?

Since AddEeze® restores healthy balance to the brain’s stress and reward systems, many people find that their need for pain and anxiety medication is reduced. By facilitating the brain’s own natural stress and pain-relieving agents, endorphins and dopamine, reliance on prescription and “street” drugs can be lessened. Moreover, since many of these substances, including opiates, benzodiazepenes, amphetamines, alcohol, and even “comfort” foods, create imbalances in the endorphin and dopamine systems, AddEeze® restores healthy balance thereby reducing dependence on them. After taking AddEeze®, many people find that they are more able to taper and ultimately discontinue using these substances with less withdrawal effects. Letting go of, and abstaining from undesirable habits and compulsions is easier with AddEeze®.


What is the best way to take AddEeze®?

People generally start with two capsules daily, one upon awakening and one mid-afternoon. Since AddEeze® is energizing, certain individuals may have difficulty with sleep if it is taken in the evening. Although some people find the two capsules daily effective, others find that increasing to two capsules twice daily provides enhanced benefits. For longer-term maintenance two capsules daily is effective for most people. AddEeze® is not as beneficial when taken on an “as needed” basis since restoration of neurotransmitter balance generally is more effective when taken daily.


When should I expect benefits form Add-Eeze®?

Many people find that they experience certain benefits within an hour or two of starting AddEeze®. Benefits generally improve over the course of weeks and even months of daily use.


Do I need to continue taking AddEeze® in order to maintain its benefits?

Many people prefer to take AddEeze® daily in order to maximize benefits. However, when AddEeze® has been taken for a few months, certain benefits often continue after discontinuation including reduced cravings and addictive tendencies as well as more effective stress management.


Who can take AddEeze®

Generally, AddEeze® can be taken by anyone 12 years or older. Women who are pregnant or lactating should not use AddEeze® without approval by their physician. Anyone with a significant medical problem should consult with his or her physician prior to taking AddEeze®.


What are the active ingredients of AddEeze®?

The key to the clinical efficacy of AddEeze® is the remarkable synergy of the scientifically formulated, patented combination of health-promoting natural ingredients. N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), a natural amino acid combined with caffeine (from guarana) enhances endorphin and dopamine levels. When taken together in scientifically determined proportions, these agents reverse the imbalances responsible for the emotional and physical distress that underlies many addictions, cravings, and compulsions. Finally, B-vitamins are included since they are often depleted in individuals with addictions and compulsions, and are critical in enhancing the production of endorphins and dopamine.


Is AddEeze® safe?

Great effort has been made to carefully select pure and bio-available forms and extracts of each ingredient in order to ensure their safety and effectiveness.


Does the caffeine in AddEeze® produce jitteriness or insomnia?

Most people do not experience any of these side effects with AddEeze® since the formulation provides a unique combination of agents that maintains a sense of calm and well being while simultaneously enhancing energy and mental clarity. AddEeze® is the only product available that provides this protection against the common side effects of caffeine.  As a result, AddEeze® produces sustained energy without the jitteriness, hypersensitivity, and withdrawal effects typically experienced with caffeine. 

Does AddEeze® produce undesirable side-effects?

For some people, taking AddEeze® later in the day can interfere with their sleep. On rare occasions, AddEeze® can produce mild stomach distress, but this usually disappears within a few days of use.


Is AddEeze® addictive?

No, there is no evidence that AddEeze® produces tolerance, dependence, or withdrawal symptoms.


Does AddEeze® come in the form of a beverage?

Not yet, though plans are in the works. Meanwhile, many people simply dissolve the contents of the capsule into a beverage, such as fruit juice, or food, such as pudding.